Corrections Please: "wataburger" is spelled "whataburger". finna is a word that is only heard.... never spelled.
e.i. "man that line at watterr-burger sure was looong to---night". sounds kind of like water burger. in fact my sister and thought that was how it was really spelled too until we were like .... old enough to spell. it is spelled whataburger
by marcelladwella January 4, 2011
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that piece of folded orange plastic that the cashier gives you that for some reason fucking amazing. fun to play while you wait for your order and then never give them back. collect them all!
dude i went to whataburger yesterday and managed to get like five whataburger tents!
by vortexwolf13 October 7, 2011
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Originally: To order better meal than a fellow diner at a Whataburger restaurant.

Can also mean: To acquire anything better than a fellow participant during a similar time period.
Man, you got the buffalo chicken sandwich? I just got the junior hamburger combo. I've been out-whataburgered.

That Halloween costume is much better than mine. I think I've been out-whataburgered again.
by MrThursty October 22, 2009
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It is a female who performs oral sex on a male until he reaches orgasm, and afterwards she requests to be taken out to eat at whataburger.
Male " Wow, mmmm, that was an amazing blow job."

Female " Mmm, yes baby that was so hot, I'm really getting hungry now, can you take me to eat at whataburger? "

Male " What, you'll give head that great for a whataburger, your a whataburger whore."
by shanlew April 6, 2011
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It is a person who eavesdrops on people they've had sex with, and other individuals. Takes the sex partner to whataburger, then the person repeats confidential information back to the sex partner, in which coincidentally the person who was spied upon figures out the persons job is a cover up, and the person is actually a spy.
I just love to eat at whataburger after sex, it makes me feel like a whataburger spy.
by shanlew April 7, 2011
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I ate Whataburger, and then I whataburgered in my pants, and it ran down my leg; it was so humiliating. Sure do wish I at at In-N-Out
by Almighty Christian God October 17, 2020
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