The magic word that appears when a thirteen year old boy discovers that Whale-cum and Welcome sound alike.
by Sethyboi January 10, 2011
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Truly showing happiness and insulting the other person at the same time
"hey i got you some doughnuts"
"thanks man"
"you're whalecum"
by TheGodParty September 26, 2015
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It is to welcome a person with tons of "cum}" as a form of greeting.
by 3EDGY5ME DADDY May 8, 2017
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When you're having sex, and either you or your partner cum, the other says "Walecum" for making you cum
Justin: Oh fuck baby, I'm so close
Hailey: *Fucks harder* Fuck you like this?
Justin: Y-yes... fuuuuck *cums*
Hailey: Whalecum
by wristsicicle May 20, 2017
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spelled almost like welcome, and is used instead, to say welcome!

1: congratz!
2: tyty
1: ur whalecum
by GRANZERN February 8, 2009
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First Fren: thank you

Second Fren: Whalecum

Bob: Thank you
Judy: Whalecum
Bob: Tasty
by Negative Creep666 March 1, 2015
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like welcome but cooler ;)
only a few cool ppl say it
person 1: ohhh thanks

Person 2: your whalecum
by yamum!!! August 3, 2011
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