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A person walking around in public that has their cell phone/mobile device out in front of their face rapidly hitting keys (texting) while walking and not paying ANY attention to where he/she is walking; thus pissing everyone else off because they are being slowed down and being run in to with the desire to slap he/she across the head or push them towards a nearby wall where he/she can text all they want while not pissing everyone else off
I was running late for class because some douche-bag wexter was getting in my way.
by GFlash March 06, 2010
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kid who tries to hide the fact that he picks his ears profusely. you may notice a wexter by his slightly orange stained cargo shorts.
i just wanna punch that wexter in the face till he stops breathing, and then take his lunch money. but i'm not going to use it for anything, i'm just going to flush it so he doesn't have it.
by luke mczed June 25, 2008
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