Also can be described as a sweaty teabag. When your balls are sweaty and you perform a teabag on a girl or girl.
His balls were sweaty when he performed the teabag, causing it to be more like a wetwipe
by N Davis August 06, 2007
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Year nine boys who chat shit about gals but are too pussy to say it to their faces, bit of an L. Sit on WarZone chatting about girls calling them clapped because they 'don't like them', when they are fans enough to talk about them. Usually think they are pulling girls by violating them when the girls slag them off to the gc. They also have roadman names and make their voices extra deep but they haven't gone through puberty and their balls are even higher than they voices.
Nah them boys on houseparty last night were wetwipes.
by susannatherat June 04, 2020
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