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An irrelevant and powerless guy, also known as a 'flowerman' and shows signs of 'moist' and 'soggy' behaviour.

There are two types of Sidemen:
1) the 'Bupsed guy' who finances a girl's shopping sprees and receives no sex in return.
2) the general wetwipe; often a guy who is emotionally unstable, and isn't rated by anybody -- not even friends.

A Sideman is the male counterpart to a Sidechick.
Chris: What, did Steven beat that yeah?

Tyrone: Nah man, he took her shopping then she ducked.

Chris: Steven is a sideman bruv!
by TheDefinitionOfSlang July 01, 2012
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A person who will follow someone then snake them later also called a sidedish or follower
Hes such a sideman
by ya boi skinny dip January 22, 2018
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A man who is generally just follows a boss around without being wanted
Whys John always around when James is here
Cause he's a sideman
by Describer November 19, 2012
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A person who just copies everything his/her โ€œfriend" does. You don't want to be stuck in a room with a person and his/her sideman very long.
Joseph: John and Steve were having a cuss fight, and after every cuss John made, that twat Declan would keep saying โ€œinnit".

Philip: That daft cunt is such a sideman.
by TheScouseAssassin June 09, 2013
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Jordan Young. A Male Black Youth Searching For His True Identity By Being Affiliated With Other Youths Higher Of His Popularity. This Results In People Knowing Him As The Guy Thats "Always There" Or "A Tag Along" , Going To Meet People With Friends He Doesnt Even Know, Or Even Going To A Party He Is No Invited To. This My Friends, Is A SIDEMAN(Jordan Young)
"Naah that guy just bumlicks him, fucking sideman" "What? Like a Jordan Young? Surely he cant be Thatttt bad of a bumlick?"
by FrontMan1234 December 23, 2012
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A person that receives a blowjob at a white persons party however cannot remember the events that took place nor the person he received it from. Also turns up to parties uninvited.
That guy went shopping with a girl, the girl was texting her boyfriend whilst he was with her, then after he dropped her home he texted her 'LOVE YAx' and she didn't reply. What a sideman
by Someone special123456789 January 24, 2013
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person 1: Jeez, was that your girl who walked by?
person2: Nah man, shes got another man already
person1: Eyyy you telling me you're a SideMan now??
person3: eyyy lmaooo mans a SideMan
by IfYouAreReadingThisItsTooLate October 05, 2016
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