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The act or process of giving someone a wet umbrella:

noun: While having sex and the man being underneath the woman in a reverse cowgirl position, the girl will raise up off of the man’s penis just to the tip as so her pussy may make the shape of an umbrella and where the man’s penis will be the handle. After making the umbrella the woman proceeds to pee thus creating the wet umbrella effect.

This is not to ever be confused with a golden shower.

Visiting Washington DC you may be able to capture a wet umbrella bag, the only true protection against a wet umbrella!
Man Stephanie just gave Louis the best wet umbrella ever.

Amelia and John were having great sex until Amelia gave him a wet umbrella!

Girl can you ride up to the tip of my dick and give me a wet umbrella?
by Milissa H (TL) July 20, 2008
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When a man is fucking a girl reverse cowboy style, pulls his dick out until just the tip is in forming the shaft of the umbrella. Then the girl pees, creating a wet umbrella.
Damn, my girlfriend insisted on trying the wet umbrella, and shit was it good.
by Fab 5!!!! July 13, 2008
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