The act of getting head in the shower. Derives from "Tailored- getting your penis sucked while standing" Here, instead of getting "tailored" you receive a "wet suit".
Hater #1: "Did you hear? Jenny gave Dan a wet-suit yesterday!"
Hater #2: "Damn heard they got down"
Jenny: "Yeah I gave him a wet suit yesterday"
Sarah: "He's never gonna leave you!"
by shawtbusshawty October 22, 2010
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When a girl's pussy is both wet and tight. used for all ages of women.
frank: how was your night with melissa?
tom: man, it was awesome! she gave me the wet suit. i didn't need lube or anything!
frank: an old hag like her? damn!
tom: nothing like a good wet suit!
by meow meow kitty kitty November 5, 2009
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The consensual sexual act of hollowing out your lover and wearing the skin as a wet-suit.

All attempts at wet-suitting have ended in 100% death rate for both participates
Oh I am sooo going to wet-suit you tonight.
by The faggot king January 19, 2015
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Any act that makes you feel good, but is unlikely to be noticed by anyone.

See Voting.
Jack: Did you vote yesterday?

Jill: No. Voting is like peeing in a wetsuit - your get a nice warm feeling but nobody really notices.

Jack: Ah, the wet suit syndrome.
by sociopath9 January 22, 2010
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condom. like wetsuits for your willy
"hey baby i'm gonna put a willy wet suit on cos i don't want your venerial diseases, ok?"
by bad mofo April 16, 2005
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I was going to sling it to Shelly the whore, but I didn't bring any wiener wet suits for protection.
by WombatInCombat February 13, 2009
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level 4 of the "Levels of Awkward". originally an alternate for level 3's "awkward snowsuit" for people who lived in California, and had never worn a snow suit. awkward wet suit was upgraded to its' own level when it was realized that wet suits are awkward in a completey different, and greater way then snow suits.
person 1: one time at I-Hop...this girl peed on herself, in the booth, right next to me. and by that i do not mean, in the booth next to me...i meant DIRECTLY next to me, on the SAME BENCH...and she was 23!!
person 2: that's SO awkward wet suit! and...i was probably more like 22...
by SMM Youth Group June 8, 2007
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