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A town in Greater Manchester, England. Once a nice place, the town is now overrun with marauding gangs of chavs who can be seen roaming the town with their bottles of Frosty Jacks cider and/or vodka. They usually congregate on parks or fields, however they will often crawl out of their nests in attempt to rob, rape, fight, or to ask somebody to go in the shop to collect their poison. They can also be found hanging around their local council estates fighting and breeding with each other. 30% of the town is inhabited by people suffering from some form of mental retardation, most likely due to inbreeding. These groups of people can often be seen licking the windows of local shops or attempting to remove the tyres of passing cars. The town's corrupt police force are not much better, turning a blind eye to the real violence erupting in the town and venting out their frustration on innocent members of the public. If you're planning on raising your children in Westhoughton.. don't. They'll smoke, drink and experiment with drugs before the age of 14, and most likely become pregnant or impregnate their sisters/cousins much younger than this. In a nutshell, it's a shit-tip. Once you enter you most likely will not leave alive.
Martin: I've just bought a new house, I'll be moving there this weekend
James: Where is it?
Martin: Westhoughton
James: It's been nice knowing you...
by Anonymous14698 November 27, 2011
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