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A fun, loving, spriritual, big hearted, sexy, ambitious, optimistic woman. Someone you can rely on when times are good and bad. A true friend and loving mother.
by sexy79 December 30, 2011
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A small town in Central Illinois with no stop lights and one mountain. Known for it's hooligans and roughnecks.
We went to a party in Wenona.
by Rigotonio June 22, 2008
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Wenona is the type of woman to do everything they could for those she loves. You wont ever find anyone who is kind and caring as her. Loyalty runs deep with her. Her smile lights up the room. She messes up and holds that with her so dont judge her she judges herself enough. If you have one of these in your life keep them at all cost. They are a loving mother that always do the best they can for there kids. She hides her pain very well.(Ps. This was my moms name and this is for high mom)
Who is that girl smiling?
I dont know but from the way it lights up the room I bet it's wenona!
by 1_hopeless_girl January 28, 2019
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