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The act of passing out in front of a large crowd of people, then coming to and acting as if nothing happened.
"Girl, I got so drunk a at the party and pulled a Wendy Williams. I woke up and kept dancing".
by UrbanKel November 15, 2017
A woman who's paid millions of dollars just to talk gossip about other celebrities.
Girl: have you seen the Wendy Williams Show?
Guy: no. But I've heard that she talks crap about people.
by Freezy17 January 25, 2017

1) what you get when a man mates with, or fucks a horse.

2) the product of someone who has had a sex change example from man to woman

3) the product of someone who has had a species change. example from human into a HORSE

4) a transvestite
wendy williams is a interesting creature
by KingOfBeasts99 December 06, 2010
1) A talk show host who loves to gossip

2) The act of blacking out, and then proceeding to tell everyone about it

3) When someone does something stupid, and then proceeds to "faint"
Bitch 1: Did you see her dress? Ew omg
Bitch 2: I did, but I ain't no Wendy Williams

Dude 1:Lmao Bro why did you do that?
Dude 2: Uhhhh *Faints*
Dude 1: Damn he did a Wendy Williams
by memestealer43 January 10, 2018
Bobby: Yeah it’s pretty hot ou-out...
*bobby faints*
Joe: That cunt actually pulled a Wendy Williams!
by DefineMeCunt January 20, 2018