Well-meaning, when someone tries to help someone else or do something good without realizing what they're doing is only harming that person. One example of a well-meaning person is a helicopter parent, they want their child to be safe but they don't understand that they sometimes want some privacy.
Boy 1: I know my mom is a well-meaning person, but I just wish she understood what she's doing is causing more harm than good
Boy 2: I feel you man
by tguddhacs April 10, 2021
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well-meaning: adj. Maliciously intending harm while pretending to do good.
Of all my well-meaning friends, he is the most dangerous.
by Marcus Macdonald May 21, 2008
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A person who doesn’t want to suck but, unfortunately, does. Despite their efforts to be cool, likeable or funny, they fall flat.
A: “Ryan’s a nice guy but he’s just the worst.”
B. “He’s a total means-well-guy.”
A. “Still sucks.”
by Hank Mardukas Sr. April 5, 2019
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