A phrase used when one is speechless, conversation, filler. Best suited for awkward situations or general agreement.
-awkward situation-

Homer "You know son, I've pulled a few boners in my day."

Derek "Well alright."

- general agreement -

Joe "Wanna get shithoused tonight?"

Barry "Well alright."
by Neo June 14, 2003
An expression used by people from Hampshire when something is better than OK
“How was the lotto win and the 4 brass you celebrated it with?”
“It was alright, well alright
by Delburt July 5, 2020
An acceptable segue out of an uncomfortable situation by changing the subject and completely disregarding whatever was said before.
Person A: Dude, I'd go with you, but last time I ate at Taco Bell I had fiery diarrhea and pissed blood for a week.

Person B: Alright...well....I got paid today...that's pretty exciting.
by Discomfortable October 18, 2009