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When your ego overwhelms you, it is a wek moment.
'my dad has over 1 million in the bank'

'Wek, Wek, Wek'
by David Wekner January 31, 2017
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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When something has desirable properties, but requires a considerable effort to obtain or has other negative qualities that almost completely negate its initial appeal. Also see meh.
M: We got veggie dogs
T: Lekker, maar wek
by nietdaan September 27, 2018
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An Indonesian exclamation of surprise or confusion.
<J^raxis> How the HELL do they misconfigure that?
<ikan-salmon> ?
<ikan-salmon> weks
by J'raxis 270145 May 26, 2006
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Wide eye kid! His eyes are wide as fuck! He's not asian but he looks like it!
Hey, you see Charles? He's a W.E.K.
by LukeNelson69 January 03, 2020
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Wek, is a youtuber commonly known for his gameplay commentaries... Also known for his controversial rants, truly hated by a few he doesn't care and just goes on with what he does... Also he doesn't like that if you search his name up a British-Sudanese model appears... In general he is a very chill dude and a really good guy...
by BepisRetard October 14, 2017
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