1) That's a strange thing to brag about, but you do you.

2) Used to imply that someone is bragging about something, often jokingly.
1) Twitter Person A: "What I spend on gummies you'll probably spend on gas lol" Twitter Person B: "Weird flex but ok"

2) Kavanaugh: "I was a virgin in highschool and many years after" Meme caption: "Weird flex but okay"
by ayywaddup November 2, 2018
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When someone says the most random fucking thing and you’re in a bitchy mood so you tell themweird flex but okay” so they’ll shut up .
Person 1: It’s my one year veganversary!!
Person 2: tf ... weird flex but okay....
by Bitchezz2331 November 23, 2018
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Used as a response to someone who is lowkey flexing about something but at the same time doesn’t really want to make it look too obvious about it.
Guy 1 : Dude, the other day at the gym I found that I could lift way more than the average person could which makes me pretty fucking strong to be honest. But at the same time, not as much as world class lifters though. So, no big deal, just saying you know.

Guy 2 : Weird flex but okay.
by Olly Oliver December 29, 2018
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when you have a weird or random talent but its cool at the same time and people just go with it
guy: "i can play a saxophone upside down"
girl: "weird flex, but okay"
by xohoessss November 4, 2018
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you’re bragging and flexing ( to show off ) about something and it’s makes you sound weird and stupid.
James: I slept with my girlfriend’s sister.
Alex: weird flex but okay .

Lucas: my wrist hurts from this new gold Rolex I bought, it’s heavy af .
Sophia: weird flex but okay.
by N_BNB March 18, 2021
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Random shit you say when you watch a ricegum video or a MrBeast video (all tho mr beast videos are cool). (mrbeast if you are reading this plz give me money)
by RandomKid666 April 15, 2019
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It is a Taglish word which resembles weird flex but ok
Guy 1: Kumusta nong, may bagong PS4 Pro, bumili ako sa SM kahapon
Guy 2: Weird flex pero okay lang
by Clutch Bucks March 24, 2020
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