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The girl that every boy wants but would never date. She's good for a weekend, or when your girl is on vacation. She could be amazing in every aspect, but she just isn't the type to date. She's the girl you want to spend Friday through Sunday with, and have an amazing time. But when it's time to bring a girl home to your mom, it isn't her. She isn't wife material. She's just a weekend girl. She's fun, spontaneous, loud, passionate. But way to much to have in a long-term relationship. Most weekend girls know what they are. And most can't figure out why.
Oh she's just a weekend girl, I'd never actually date her.
I don't get it, why am I just a weekend girl to these guys?
by Leslie10 December 23, 2014
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2 Types -

GOOD - A bitch to chill wit on the weekend. Might be considered a homie or a patna. She might suck it or not.

BAD - A hoe that dont deserve to be around you Monday through Friday. She gon suck it Friday to Sunday tho.
"Wipe 'em off my agenda quick, I need the other gender thick
you seen my Monday to Fridays, I need a Friday to Sunday" - Camron Giles (WEEKEND GIRL - Warner Bros/Asylum)

by TEAM OnSMASH March 30, 2008
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