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A rowdy place in the west midlands where you can buy cheap booze and chat up the local crumpet.

If you have sex in the park, people will walk past and not batter an eyelid..(and thats in daytime!!)
Girl 1: I used protection when with my boyfriend last night.

Girl 2: Oh really??

Girl 1: Yep, we used a bus shelter
by Sparky Fenton March 23, 2005
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Wednesbury, the place that holds all types of people from the nittys and slags. The main spot in Wednesbury is β€˜Brunswick park’ which holds all these people. Whoever doesn’t visit Brunswick park are considered the nerds who have no friends and chill at woodlands and play football. The ends are run by llIllIIxx, MaryJane and melon and the boys and don’t expect any windows left when these are out.They tend to let the walsall dons visit and chill on the block.
β€˜What ends you from blud’
Nerd- β€˜Wednesbury’
β€˜Run me your phone g’
You here Wednesbury you hear pussy
by πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺ April 04, 2020
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