Weather channeling is an easy, last-effort move used to get out of sleeping with someone when they're already in your bed:

Step 1: Once in bed, turn on The Weather Channel.
Step 2: Roll over and fall asleep without warning.
Step 3: If asked about this later, deny having used it as a technique by saying: a) "I barely remember it!" OR b) "I was just so tired!" Then quickly changing the subject.
Girl-"I can't believe you turned on the Weather Channel then fell asleep right when we got in bed!"
Josh-"Did I? Wow that's crazy, I barely remember it. Do you think I should shave my beard?"
by FoxTrap69 December 25, 2015
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Yet another TV channel that has lost it's purpose in the pursuit of finding a larger audience with reality style, documentary crap. They no longer play weather for much of the day on the Weather Channel. Instead you get these shows about historical weather events. Finding out the forecast on the Weather Channel is about like trying to find a video on MTV.

Even when they do report the weather on TWC it is a joke. Often a two or three person job. One person will give you the south for 2 minutes and after being exhausted throws it to another anchor for the current conditions of the west.
True story: There were severe thunderstorms, hail and a tornado in my county and not a peep from the Weather Channel. TWC was playing a documentary of a tornado in Alabama that killed several people 3 years ago due to a failed warning system. Though no one died here it was still an ironic broadcast from a channel that is suppose to report the damn weather updates.

They must not pay well at the Weather Channel. There is always someone new.
by Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. May 16, 2008
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A cable weather network that must think Atlanta is the god of cities since they gloss Atlanta every second they can!
The weather conditions in Atlanta's a live shot of Atlanta......
by Piranha October 31, 2004
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