To walk the talk, present the stone, you are the shit and anyone who has their brains fully on will know you are wearing the hat. When you are the polymath, still remain humble about it even thru successful pioneering. Don't take shit from the miserable nagging crows that talk shit and eat shit. You are a peaceful lion. A king or queen. Welcome to the pack.
Do whatever you have to do to figure things out. Wear the hat. Because only you know how it needs to fit.
by Retrostyle December 1, 2020
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A silly meme about gnomes living in the forest

It is mostly featured on tiktok/instagram
Millions wear the hats, they notice me trying to find them
by thetruthishereyes May 24, 2023
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millions wear the hats/millions wear hats is a nazi dog whistle commonly accompanied by “gnome hunting“ which means hunting jews.
person 1: millions wear the hats
person 2: stfu cringe nazi 🤓
by vTv April 23, 2023
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A Neo-Nazi dog whistle used to refer to Jews, usually also saying “we need to hunt them” aka we need to hunt/kill the Jews

Usually used in a deceitfully innocent way.
Person 1: I wonder if gnomes are real

Nazi: Millions Wear The Hats

Person 1: They sure do, wonder why?

Person 2: It’s a Nazi dog whistle

Person 1: Oh
by ShortBlackMan April 25, 2023
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A cautionary platitude expressing the frustrations and/or ambivalence towards a situation; an exclamation of humanity's futility in the face of insurmountable insanity, stupidity, or all-around wretchedness.
- Do you ever have one of those days when you can't begin to justify having gotten out of bed?
- I'd wear a hat on a day like that!

- Kevin's coming back from vacation on Monday, and he will be pissed!
- Wow, I'd wear a hat on a day like that!

- Hey Jerry, how's it going?
- Ugh, I had an 8:30 meeting with Bill yesterday.
- Ooof, I'd wear a hat on a day like that!
by Drew Garrison February 22, 2007
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