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Timeless pieces, retro, in between old school and new age... Like theivery corporation
That chick is New Age Old School
by Retrostyle November 24, 2020
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The greatest band of all time. The ultimate yin and yang of bands. Not only were they composed of mixed races, which many weren't during the 60s, but they also remain great to this day. Whereas bands like the beatles, stones, queen, motley, van halen, zeppelin all deteriorated quickly over the years and their music sucked or sucked even more as they crew older, Love's performances remain to this day tight and so so groovy. This is not to say they are better, but super underated instead. A group of true underdogs. Their songs are positive, somewhat psychedelic, soulful, and true. Not a lemme hold your hand vibe, more of a light my fire vibe with the energy and flow of light meets dark skins. Listen to Love and you'll find love in yourself and the rest of the world once again. If you like Hawkwind you'll love Love.
If I hear another old white dude talk about how great the zombies are I'm gonna lose it.. have you really never gotten down to Love? *No LSD required, just open your ears.
by Retrostyle December 13, 2020
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To walk the talk, present the stone, you are the shit and anyone who has their brains fully on will know you are wearing the hat. When you are the polymath, still remain humble about it even thru successful pioneering. Don't take shit from the miserable nagging crows that talk shit and eat shit. You are a peaceful lion. A king or queen. Welcome to the pack.
Do whatever you have to do to figure things out. Wear the hat. Because only you know how it needs to fit.
by Retrostyle December 1, 2020
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