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Weaam is a fun and crazy person who likes to party, drink, and have fun. He is the best between groups of people and makes the moments alive with his actions. He can make everybody forget about sadness and shows them the way of being happy and alive.
Person 1: I'm really sad because of the bad grade I got at school.

Person 2: let's hang out with weaam, maybe he will make you feel better and cheer you up.
by Snyker February 05, 2018
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A boy who thinks of himself highly and thinks that every girl is lineing up at his door. When reallly the girls just think he smells bad. He uses too much cologn and WAY to much gel. He wears baggy clothing and developes facial hair at a VERY young age.
girl 1:"EWWWWWW Can you smell that?"
girl 2:"Yah it smells like a Weaam must be near!"
by Karly Peanuts July 20, 2010
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