When you and your homie got into a fight but y'all are friends again now.
by vallenntiina June 4, 2018
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Your word was your bond, but we good ninja. Nah beat yo feet .... kick rocks...
by Me-Me June 6, 2015
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when you’re awakening from a slumped state of mind
“Yo Ryan, you just rolled the truck three times, hit a guardrail, smashed into a tree, and now we’re in the hospital!”
“Nah, we good.”
by cxmurph November 12, 2017
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Don't worry. We are good.
by Doodles2004 September 2, 2016
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what you tell your rival in an intense situation to let them know how you truly feel about them
We did it, we are a good team.” -Lance McClain
by Yoranceiscanonking June 26, 2018
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When one likes a good 'bell' end of a penis
we appreciate a good tail end on our men it defines a good bell
by daniel smithersz October 25, 2007
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