A way to reference that you and those around you are cool with each other.
Don't worry, we chill.
by anonommmm September 27, 2019
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The phrase "we chill" is generally used in reference to the state of two parties or people being in a state of "chill", "cool" or "non-hostility" towards each other. For example;
Party 1: "Yo, weren't we gonna have that arms race tomorrow?"
Party 2: "I mean, we don't really care much, we chill?"
Party 1: "Sure, we chill."
by TopGG April 26, 2022
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meaning, you should come by my house so we can fool around.
After the girl accepted the invitation from Nick, she had no idea that chilling would involve taking off her top.
by Mac Linton August 10, 2005
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MOST of the time if a boy tells a girl this... they wanna fuck .
Boy 1 : Aye That Girl is SEXY
Boy 2 : See If She Wanna Chill
Boy1: Aye Shawty, When We Gone Chill ?
by unknown person ! June 11, 2011
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