Often short tempered, easily frustrated. Overly intelligent works a lot, easily aroused and a fantastic father. They are extremely athletic for 2 moths of the year then go back to a hibernative state.
a) "Chill man, you only wrote one sentence."

b)"Hay honey!"


"What a Wayde!"

c)"Want to go play baseball?"

"What month is this?"

"It's April you Wayde..."

"Then no.."
by FOSHAY March 17, 2010
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wayd is an acronym for what are you doing?
-hey Beth wayd tonight?
-Oh you know hanging around..
by annie4real March 15, 2009
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Quite literally god himself. Wayde, also known as the public information officer for loudoun county public schools, bring happiness and joy to children all over during the winter months. His call is evidence that god exists.
This is Wayde Byard the public information officer for Loudoun County Public Schools. Loudoun County Oublic schools will be closed indefinitely due to inclement weather.
by Flacnon February 1, 2019
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You use the word wayds when you meet someone that is so perfect you can't describe it with your own words.
Omg, he is so amazing!
Ikr he is so wayds
by 4goldwatches March 10, 2018
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Was actually supposed to be the abbreviation for "what are you doing" but I'd suggest the meaning of "sigh" like when you would say "sike, whatever".
by Plantsarefriends November 10, 2018
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