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Waterbugs is a saying that the famous viner Alx James came up with. It is used as a verb. It is like ignoring haters. (Use them large sunglasses).
Girl 1: "I have too many haters so what do I do?"
Girl 2: "Just waterbug them hoes (large sunglasses)
by Kc1234 November 29, 2013
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(noun) An extremely humongous cockroach which Texans call a waterbug.
Newcomer to South Texas: "OH.MY.GOD. The biggest roach ever just ran across my foot out in the garage."

Texan: "Oh that was just a waterbug."
by ladypimpslap March 17, 2011
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An avid and skillfull swimmer
"How the hell did you make it to the other side of the pool in that short of time?"

"I don't know...I guess I'm a water bug!"
by gutterbitch August 02, 2009
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an extremely skinny guy, usually is very twitchy, must have no muscle to speak of.
"do u see that guy trying to curl 5 pounds.. ttl waterbug"
"look now adam has a nickname for how scrawny he is... WaterBug"
by Bleb!!! November 10, 2006
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Putting dab at the end of a cherry on a roach, blunt or joint
Dude let's water bug that roach .
by Lashod_99 January 12, 2017
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