Waterbugs is a saying that the famous viner Alx James came up with. It is used as a verb. It is like ignoring haters. (Use them large sunglasses).
Girl 1: "I have too many haters so what do I do?"
Girl 2: "Just waterbug them hoes (large sunglasses)
by Kc1234 November 29, 2013
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(noun) An extremely humongous cockroach which Texans call a waterbug.
Newcomer to South Texas: "OH.MY.GOD. The biggest roach ever just ran across my foot out in the garage."

Texan: "Oh that was just a waterbug."
by ladypimpslap March 18, 2011
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an extremely skinny guy, usually is very twitchy, must have no muscle to speak of.
"do u see that guy trying to curl 5 pounds.. ttl waterbug"
"look now adam has a nickname for how scrawny he is... WaterBug"
by Bleb!!! November 11, 2006
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A player who receives the ball and scurries quicky to make gainful yardage and an awesome play.
" when that player was given the ball, The Waterbug Footballer ran all the way to the goal"

" That player is a Waterbug Baller------no one can catch him when he gets the ball "
by GiTTins Momma September 16, 2016
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A moment where people are being overdramatic and haters and the need for oversized sunglasses is needed. This occurs during the holidays especially.
Dumb Girl 1: Did you see Jenny get that awesome dress and makeup for Christmas?
Dumb Girl 2: Yeah , I'm sooooooo Jelly
Jenny: Hold on. let me get my Holiday Waterbugs
by ThatWeirdGirl December 30, 2014
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