Holding a guy upside down with his head locked securely between your thighs while sitting down on a couch. Let a fart go and don't release him until he inhales. When he inhales its like air bubbles going up in a water cooler, the smell of the fart going up into his lungs.
With Mike's head locked securely, Jack farted and gave him a water cooler.
by Tom August 27, 2003
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When you put ice up a women's vagina. Then when it turns into water you drink it through a bendy straw....or your mouth
We are heading to the freezer so I can get ice to use her as a water cooler
by Bam bam 71989 July 20, 2017
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A game I invented to play with my bored co-workers at the office.
Two people take turns pouring water in a cup from the water cooler.
One can pour as much or little as they want.
The goal is to not make the air bubble inside gulp.
Taking turns until someone makes the air bubble gulp inside and loses.
by Fightdoctor June 16, 2016
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A forced smile. The water cooler is stereotypically the place in the office where people gather to make small talk. Given the fact that most people hate their coworkers or just don’t want to be around them, you're left with the water cooler smile.
Oh my god Tracy, look at how bad my grad photos turned out!

"Oh man, that water cooler smile tho!"
by hecking log November 18, 2017
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1. Individuals who possess IQ's under the standard cut off line of 70. 2. a person who is so retarded looking that their head is shaped like that of your office's communal water cooler. 3. That 50 year old guy with thick glasses who lives down the street in his eighty year old parent's house and runs with limp wrists.
Water cooler heads must often wear adult diapers because they have yet to master the elegant art of toiletry.
by arod7o December 1, 2006
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