A seal that apparently looks like a cat in water... nice work
Oh shit, look, there's a Water Cat!
by WhitePeople6969 June 18, 2011
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Ex: omg girl I was at his house last night and he said he was gonna water the cat and it Was the best sex ever!!
by PeppermintSpice October 6, 2018
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Get da pussy wet.
"Hayden, I'm going to need you to water my cat tomorrow." Said Riley
by Heho07 February 28, 2016
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1) cat water is what you call someone who’s fucking annoying.

2) pUsSy jUiCe.
by oriole_bot February 25, 2021
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Room temperature water that has been sitting out for a day or so.
All I have to drink is this cat water!

Don't drink the cat water!
by balls o fury February 21, 2010
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An expression in claiming that someone is too dog for dog water, so that places them into the next worst catagory of cat water.
Yo broski you are so dog that you’re cat water.
by PrizzyMatic April 12, 2022
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its between good and worse Literally garbage and crack at a game
Cousin: your not dog water yet your just cat water

Me: oh ok
by A Witsa Burger Face January 8, 2021
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