A girl/boy who watches someone who they are friends with become BEST friends with your best friend but you can't do anything about it.
Amber was a watcher, but she had no choice.
by Anonymous10376 August 02, 2018
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The Watcher of the Teambang group is the weirdest, creepiest, oldest, dirtiest, smelliest, ugliest, and grossest member who usually sits in the corner masturbating to the human clump before him while simultaneously spewing shit, vomit, piss, and snot in every direction with the occasional blood splatter.
Arav, our group Watcher, came up behind me while I was Spoon Licking and threw up all over my back.
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by Daddy Destroyer June 20, 2019
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Someone, typically a scrawny white male, who watches their significant other/spouse have sex with somebody else, typically a large black male. Effectively someone who watches as they get cucked.
Franklin: Hey dude my P.E. Teacher sounds like a watcher.
Ryan: What's a watcher?
Franklin: A super-cuck who watches while the black guy rails their wife.
Ryan: Yeah he does sound like a watcher.
by Arch Ytpetay January 07, 2021
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