One of the best people you will ever meet. Is smart, nice, talented, amazing and hilarious. They make an amazing friend and an even better boyfriend. They are thoughtful, sweet, caring, adorable and you'll want to devote all of your time to them. They are athletes and very selfless and loving.
I love Wyndham so much, he is so sweet and adorable.
by ythet69thebdj January 16, 2019
the richest neighborhood in the city of York, Pennsylvania; Houses here cost upwards of close to 2 million dollars; Snobville
We went up to Wyndham Hills yesterday and saw a lot of snobs.
by Steven hung mung July 24, 2006
A cute dog that likes to jump on people and doesn’t concert you when you cry. They are small dogs that are annoying and very stupid they always think that there the king and act like they’re the alpha. They always are followed you and will love you until the day you die.
A dog named Wyndham

likes to bark at squirrels and be very annoying, but he’s caring and will do anything for you.
by Julia Lasky December 13, 2017