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A word invented by Black Point and Sensato del Patio. Black Point has several videos on Youtube where he states the word actually has no meaning because it's completely made up (gibberish). This is word does not have a double "meaning" , nor is it slang from the streets of Santo Domingo (trust me, I was raised in and still visit Stdgo). Some people started making up false definitions of this word for whatever reason, but everyone should know que esta palabra no tiene significado!!!!

This song is intended to make fun of some Dominicans who "act" like they speak English as a way to be funny. Watagatapitusberry is just a random word made up by Black Point to show how this Dominican guy thinks he can speak English. Listen to the rest of the song and you'll hear all the gibberish he "raps" in this song...listen to the words and you'll understand.

Esta cancion esta relajando a algunos Dominicanos que creen que saben hablar Ingles. Watagatapitusberry es una palabra sin significado inventada por Black Point y Sensato. En la cancion el rapea fingiendo saber Ingles y lo que dice ni el mismo lo entiende! JAJAJA, escuchen las palabras de la cancion para que puedan entender el significado de todo esto.

Black Point says it himself. Go on Youtube and search:



Meaning of Watagatapitusberry. Black Point/Sensato del Patio entrevista/interview.
-Quien te dijo que tu sabe habla' Ingles? Di'lo otra' ve'...




-Que lo que significa WATA-GATA-PITUS-BERRY!?
by Bluetiful May 08, 2010
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This word truly has no meaning. The people who think this word has a meaning are those who are gullible and believe everything they hear. BlackPoint himself said on a video that can spend 3 years of your life trying to figure out what the word means and in the end you'd realize you have wasted your time because the word truly has no meaning.

Search for SENSATO DEL PATIO-ENTREVISTA CON ALEX SENSATION EN LA MEGA 97.9 FM on Youtube to see for yourselves!
Person who speaks English+Spanish: Que lo que significa watagatapitusberry? Es en Frances?

Person who THINKS they can speak English: No, en Ingles

Person who speaks English+Spanish: Quien te dijo que tu sabe' habla' Ingles? Di'lo otra vez!

Person who THINKS they can speak English: WATAGATAPITUSBERRY!

Person who speaks English+Spanish: QUE?!
by Bluetiful April 19, 2010
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The song is in double meaning, if you do not know Spanish of the neighborhoods of Santo Domingo, you just not going to understand

Wata = hits, , Gata= girl, pitus= for your, berry= vagina
hits-girl-for your-vagina
by amazing x November 04, 2009
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An awesome word created by Dominicans that has no real known meaning :3
Que lo que se significa watapitusberry?
by La Chicka Dominicana October 20, 2009
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Caribbean-Spanish origin, of urban slang intended to invite a girl to having sex.

The word, (WATA), is the exaggerated strike sound of a whip, also, the cry or sound Bruce Lee made with his mouth when hitting someone, when a caribbean-spanish speaking person pronounces/interprets it. Example, "BAM" for a Batman fist hit.

The word, (GATA), is a female cat, also used to describe in caribbean-spanish slang a girl.

The word, PITUS, is a created word combination of two Spanish words. PI is (PA) slang, which comes from the word, PARA=FOR, and TUS is TU=YOUR.

The word (BERRY), as in few other slang dialects or sub-languages can have a double standard or meaning. In this case its referred to the "genitalia" either male or female, such is the case on this phrase on the song:

Abir el kissberry-(referred to females genital) "Open your, berrys lips."
Si mami ese es el berry-(referred to females genital) "Yes baby, that's the berry."
Esto es para todas las ladys
La que le gusta el strouberry-(referred to males genital) "To those (girls), that likes the strawberry(penis)"

Therefore the top portion of a penis having the shape of a strawberry as in comparision to a vaginas vertical line along with the labia majoria or outer lips.

Wata-Gata-Pitus-Berry=Bang-girl,-for(in) your-vagina

Wata=Bang, Hit or Strike
Gata=Girl, female cat
Pitus=For your, or In your (interpretation)
Berry=Vagina (in songs name)

"Banging you girl, in your vagina." or "Here is some banging girl... for your vagina."
by ProfessorEx March 11, 2010
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some people think they know what it means but really its just nonsesne

a hot song by artist black point, check it out if you wish

a hot word to use or just say for whatever
by j tha lady killa September 01, 2009
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It is much simpler than often perceived.

watagatapitusberry=what do I gotta do to get those berries?
hot girl with big tits and a large ass walks by
"DAYUUUUM watagatapitusberry????"

'hey mami. watagatapitusberry?'
girl: 'que?!?!'
by igotbigolberries December 11, 2010
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