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A drunk, person who is basically a piss head. When you know the person is a drunk, you call him\her a wasteface. Also can be applied to an alcoholic.
by Wicksy January 31, 2010
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a derogatory remark meaning someone (normally ugly) whose face is a waste of skin and might be put to better use as skin for someone's arse
It cost extra to have breast surgey because there wasnt enough skin, which is a shame because the doctor was a total wasteface
by Dudechest October 13, 2008
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An expression achieved by tilting your head to the side, closing one eye, making an O shape with your mouth, and shaking your head quickly and repeatedly.

Ideal for distracting, confusing, and/or provoking others, or for simply getting attention.

Originally created at Ridley High School.
Guy 1: I wish this bus ride wasn't so boring.

Guy 2: How about we pass the time by giving the ol' waste face to random people on the sidewalk?

Guy 1: Sure, that never gets old!
by Uber Husky Swimmy Fishy June 02, 2011
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