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A leather clad, spike wearing bad bitch whom laughs at morals and virtues; she finds solace only in raucous debauchery. Raised in a feral manner, apart from society, a warrior princess knows no manners and takes what she wants by temptation or preferably force. Alongside their Warrior King, the princesses bide their time til Armageddon when they will rise up and conquer the weak... Ya, on some Mad Max, Road Warrior, type shit.

Hobbies and Past Times include:
- Bare Backing Wolves
- Chuggin' forties
- Rapin' n Pillagin'
- Booty Clappin
Last night a pack of warrior princesses came in under cover of darkness bare backing wolves. They stole all my forties and bitch slapped my wife. Damn, those were some baad bitches..
by Warrior_King_Rafael December 08, 2010
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