Mateusz: A truly good guy. Very Funny and awesome to be around. He is super lovable. His name might sound indian but he is truely amazing. it is a Polish name of Matthew. I think its a pretty beastage name. He is like uber awesomee.
by pshollymuch March 15, 2009
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1. Noun A highly connected man, white, in touch with what he loves, has inspirations
knowledgeable, logical grasp on reality, genuine in his love to better the world
2. Verb a soulful connection with trumpet "you warren that trumpet"
3. ADJ educational lyrical genius, damn-you-fine,
4. Adverb embraces the world with a jazzical style
5. constructively builds people up
antonym: "Child-From-Africa"
"you warrenly play that trumpet"

"warren me like how you warren that trumpet"

"warrens make this world a better place"

"i wish i could have a warren in my can lit class"
by Can Lit March 16, 2009
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A Warren is a white but yet a "Black - child from Africa" .
He is amazing and dead easy to talk to, loves midnight conversations over randoms sizz and will alwasy be there.
Warren, is white but black :P
by hukka buuba April 26, 2011
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Woman: yooo he’s hottt
Grandpa: yeah but he’s a Warren he might ditch you the next day for another girl
by Purplepeepee October 26, 2020
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Warren is a sexy,smart,handsome guy. He gets every girl he wants. He gets the most girls out of his peers and has a HUGE COCK
Girl: What’s the new guys name
Girl 2: I don’t know but from the size of his dick he must be a Warren
by Gducbjyh December 14, 2017
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A town in west central New Hampshire with a population not more than 800. One of the littlest hick towns. Has a common which was turned into a skatepark by the local stoners. Come and visit it today you will not regret it.
by warrenite4life October 02, 2009
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If you ever met a Warren he is the most amazing person ever especially in relationships he is very loyal and he will probably do anything for you he is a very romantic sweet cute pretty and amazing person
He is so prefect

Oh that must be Warren
by The_soccer_kid April 26, 2018
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