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The beverage which one drinks while thinking of excuses to explain why they cant fish because their wife, girlfriend, or significant other won’t let them.
All the guys met at the hook to catch Albies while TJ sat home and drank warm milk.
by Das Milkman October 15, 2018
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(v) (1)to Wank, rub one out, Jerk off, diddle or masturbate furiously during about of insomnia as to work up the heart rate and therefore exhaust oneself to sleep. (2) The superficially selfless act of servicing a restless partner to actually ensure a better sleep for oneself. Pacification through ejaculation.

(n) Late night oral sex to end a disappointing evening. How one puts the baby to bed.
The motherfucker kept crying so I gave him a warm milk to shut him up.

I was not feeling him but then he starts warm milking me. Next thing you know, I'm waking up with my thumb in my mouth.
by KprettyfromChicagoCity January 17, 2012
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