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an explanation of something that happened to you that 1) never really happened to you and 2) is a lot more interesting than what actually did happen to you
Person 1: How did you get that black eye?
Person 2: Oh, I walked into a stop sign.
Person 1: You should say you got into a fight with a gorilla. That would be an interesting war story
by shakenbakerr89 March 28, 2010
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Stories about one's partying. Usually when drinking a person will start to talk about his or hers awesome time at a party. Usually the teller of the story will make up stuff to make the party seem better than it really was.
Tim talking to a group of friends: Hey remember that time we went to the club and shit faced and went home with those models? It was fucking the shit, first we .....

Clark: Man are you telling that freaking war story again.
by subotai August 18, 2010
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War Stories is the whackidy jackidy..
Rubbin it raw...
Chocking the chicken..
Daaaaammmmmnnnn.... She'd be so great to do war stories to!
"Can I take your picture?"
by Jeremy January 05, 2004
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The act of jacking off:
Even tho you may get a blistered hand, its worth it to jack the white shit outta your dick
WHOA! I just did war stories to a picture of Kevin!
by KMAN January 04, 2004
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It is the story of war on someones stomach, and is best done when two people hold down a victim by their arms and legs so they can't move because this story is all about tickling and pain; and story goes as follows:
1)First there was hand to hand combat, *Using your finger tips you poke the stomach multiple times*
2) Then there were spears, *Again with finger tips but a lot stronger pokes*
3) Then there was bow and arrow, *using all your finger tips you poke the stomach*
4) Then there were swords, *using the edge of your hand your slide it against the stomach with a lot of friction to cause stretching or you can slam it on the belly*
5) Then there were canons, *using your palms you smack the belly just like a five star*
6)Then there were machine guns, *You poke as hard as possible with two fingers to provide more stability*
7) Then there were bombs, *You make a fist and slam the belly with the bottom part of the fist (not a punch)
8) Then there were nukes, *You punch the stomach until you feel the person has had enough*
9) You tell the victim that was the story of war

While one person narrates the story of war, the other person tickles the victim relentlessly. Doing this usually makes victim try to kick and laugh or cry and try to escape. Also when telling the story, it is best to exaggerate the story like saying indians invented the spear to kill man and so on.
Kid 1:Those two upperclassmen gave the freshman a war story!

Kid 2: Ha! he had it coming.
by MemoPadKing April 04, 2011
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