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(noun)(a place):a densely populated location of wankers.

1. wankers are, usually male, that are ignorant but they think they are the greatest. 2. wanker is profane slang for a contemptible person, meaning literally one who wanks (masturbates). in Britain it is particularly used of someone (usually male) who is a self-obsessed show-off. 3. terms of abuse for a masturbator.
1. GW is a wanker because he is ignorant stupid and thinks he is "God's" gift to the world.
2. GW bought some land and invited all his wankers friends to come live with him they decided to call it Wankerville. GW was the Mayor of Wankerville only because he lied and cheated at the election.
3. It was decided by the world that GW would never leave Wankerville even if he apologized for being the biggest wanker of all time.
by digitalbeachbum August 22, 2006
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Being a complete douche. Making a wanker of oneself.Basically being an asshole.
by Anonymous May 04, 2004
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a faggy biatch who doesnt belong and of cause likes to go out with wankers and wankerville is the polite way of saying there wankers
OMG... Kristin ur bf is such a wankerville
by Ya Mum May 09, 2004
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