This is a place where people take pictures of people who walk into the store and jerk off. There is a guy there who is gay and does Jerk off to men. They jizz into the cups and whip up the shit so it looks like whipped cream.

One time this chick shoved the coffee up her crotch and is now pregnant with one of them. They're pretty sure it's the gay one.
Man: "Have you tried Wankers Coffee?"
Woman : "Yea I got pregnant from one of them"
The act of ordering a Ridiculously long named coffee normally from a franchise coffe shop such as starbucks.

These people are called coffee wankers.
Jesus Victoria couldnt you have just ordered a large White coffee from starbucks instead of a Grande Skinny Latte with soya milk, twist of lemon and a sprinkle of Cinnamon and shot of vanilla? you dirty coffee wanker.
by Moonbizzle III September 25, 2009
A person perpetually searching for 'proper coffee', someone who shuns normal coffee and often enters into conversation about "horrible coffee that doesn't really taste like coffee". Often trendy in looks and generally nice outside of caffeine related conversation.
That twat there looks like a right coffee wanker.
by keepittea March 13, 2022