To shoot someone through a wall or object in a FPS.

Made a popular term by games such as Counter-strike and CoD.
I was on dust2 and I got an amazing wall bang headshot with my AWP
by Scary_thing August 28, 2012
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A slightly suggestive way to describe shooting through a wall to get a kill in the Call of Duty series. Wall banging is particularly more usefull and more widespread in game types like Domination, where you know where they enemy team is spawning. The Deep Impact perk in CoD4 and CoD:WaW and the attachment FMJ in CoD:MW2 makes wall banging easier because it reduces the damage reduction that bullets receive when being fired through a wall. To obtain the attachment Extended Mags in MW2 for your primary weapons, one must perform 40 wall bangs with the FMJ attachment on that gun.
Dude, I was on Skidrow Domination and they were trying to take the B flag, but I totally wall banged them through the floor with my RPD FMJ.
by kdog2400 June 19, 2010
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When playing Call Of Duty Black Ops and you get a FMJ shot through a wall and feel like saying wall bang instead of fmj shot.
Friend: "Dude I just got a wall bang shot.
Me: "Wall bang??"
Friend: "Yeah, I shot a guy through a wall."
Me: "That's called an FMJ shot buddy."
by iAmGing3rJo3 March 22, 2011
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To kill someone through a wall in a FPS game. You're either hacking or just lucky as hell if you do this.
Wow nice hacks you pimply faced virgin, you just wall banged me in the back of bombsite B from T spawn with a deagle.
by sippin cris February 11, 2010
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wall banging is a sex act where you knock your partner against the wall violently.
dont ever do wall banging it just aint right
by Hawn Gnarley July 4, 2014
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1. The Rocket League phrase describing a goal scored by striking the ball off the wall or by jumping from the wall.

2. An FPS phrase used to describe any kill obtained by interacting with a wall.

**Both definitions are often followed by the exclamation “get squeezed on” due to its badassery
P1: How’d you score that goal off the wall?
P2: Yo it’s just a typical wall bang
P1: Get squeezed on

P1: Did you kill that guy by shooting through the wall?
P2: Yo it’s just a TWB
P5: Get squeezed on
by stottytwb April 30, 2019
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