A cocktail that you make in order to drink while walking on the streets; an alcoholic beverage in a to-go cup.
Before I headed to the bar, I'm gonna make myself a walktail for the road.
by BeebsInSF July 17, 2011
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When you are drinking a cocktail at a bar or nightclub and you wander away without returning the glassware. This happens often when there is an outdoor seating area which is easy to walk away from.
I ordered a walktail at my local bar and ended up with a new glass.
by Drunko December 2, 2010
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An alcoholic beverage prepared in an inconspicuous container to be consumed in public upon beginning a bar crawl. Typically a soda bottle/can or fountain cup.
"I'm not trying to go broke at the bar tonight, lets take another shot then make some walktails before we head out."
by JM4RSH December 7, 2012
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A cocktail to take out with you.
Karen we are leaving now but it’s a mile away, grab a walktail!
by Redshred April 24, 2019
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