Walking head is when an extremely tall man dates an extremely short woman (That's head is near his happy "head") so, the girl would not have to get on her knees to get the job done.
Friend #1: Wow! Look at that couple. He's so tall, and she's so short!
Friend #2: I know! She could give him walking head!
by Short-Girl November 15, 2010
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When someone gives another person a blowjob while walking.
The fluffer: "quit walking so fast"
Sir. Murkalot:"I'm walking as slow as possible."
The fluffer:"the walking head is hard, who told you about this?"
Sir Murkalot:"just some some chode who wanted to Quin"
by Sir Murkchode January 25, 2014
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An extreme case of Turtle Head, in which the victim is forced to take sliding baby steps and clench their butt cheeks in order to avoid a full on pant's crapping episode.
You suddenly realize you have turtle head. You leave your desk and take several steps towards the restroom only to experience the second stage of Turtle Head called, "Walking Tortoise Head". You clench your butt cheeks together and make baby steps praying for the strength and the luck to make it to the toilet in time to release this angry monster.
by Caedis T Yo April 12, 2011
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A different verison of the stage dive that invloves a kid walking off of the stage onto the crowd and diving into a group of kids that isnt near the stage. Done mostly at hardcore shows by skinny kids that like to stage dive alot.
Man that head walk was sooo cr00sh!!!
by XTEXASX July 13, 2006
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The act of drugging a stranger so that they are in a zombie-like state, you then proceed to insert your genitalia into their mouth.

(Top tip: make sure they don't bite)
James, eat this cookie, I promise it isn't drugged. I don't want to try the walking head
by JustAcceptMyName May 26, 2017
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