A small room in a house that functions as a closet. Named so because you can walk into it.
Our new house is huge, I even have my own Walk-In Closet !
by family funday November 15, 2008
A girl who pretends to go out with a gay guy so that people think he's straight.
Jim: "So did hear that Paul's got a girlfriend? I thought he was gay."
Sam: "Oh, he is. She's just a Walk-In Closet so his mom doesn't find out he's gay."
by Frankieoxo November 30, 2008
A woman who is beard or disquise for a gay man that has not come out.
Tad doesn't want his boss to know that he is gay, so Julie is totally being his walk-in closet.
by Dylan Cole September 18, 2008
A closeted married man who hosts young men when his wife is out shopping
I went over to this guys house and he was a total walk-in closet. His wife came back with shopping bags right as we were finishing up.
by killfukmary October 8, 2014
When someone hasn't cleaned their room in such a long time that everything is on the floor and it is quite literally a closet that is walked on.
Mom: Jonny, I was putting your socks away in your room and it's like a Walk-on closet in there!! How long has it been since you've cleaned it?
Jonny: About 3 years...
by Schmlaa. December 19, 2008
The term "walk-in closet" as used by asshats who are accustomed to taking most things at face value, and never question the consequences of having a free-roaming closet running loose in ones home.
The master bedroom of this delightful apartment has a closet so large you can walk into it. It is, indeed, a walking closet.
by HeiZahn April 21, 2008
The act of wearing an inappropriate amount of clothes in layers.
1. "Did you see all the shirts that Jane is wearing?"

"Yeah, she's a walking closet."

2. "It's so cold out today I'm dressing like a walking closet."
by danijd June 3, 2013