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Walī (Arabic ولي, plural Awliyā' أولياء), is an Arabic word meaning Friend," "client," "kinsman," "patron"; it generally denotes "friend of God" in the phrase ولي الله walīyu 'llāh1. In English, wali most often means a Muslim saint or holy person. It should not be confused with the word Wāli (Arabic: والي) which is an 2 administrative title that was used in the Muslim Caliphate, and still today in some Muslim countries as in Wali of Swat (princely state).
In religious uses, it is generally short for Waliullah (Arabic ولي الله) or friend of God. Belief in the Awliya is an agreed upon article of faith in Sunni Islam having been mentioned in the earliest creeds to the most recent. Imam Tahawi mentions them in his creed.
by successful woman February 13, 2010
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Wali is one of the most special people I know. He's a bit nerdy, can be eccentric at times, and is always the one to make a person laugh. He's worth everything.
Wali, I miss you.
by Rah Rah Rah Boom-de-a August 24, 2008
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A athletic person who can slide in the dms any time and like Boston
Wali is the sauciest kid at our school
by Straightfacts41 January 06, 2019
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Walk Around Look Important. Commonly used in the military in place of malinger. Often used in reference to a higher ranking officer.
Corporal to another, "The Major is here again on a W.A.L.I. mission. What a complete waste of time!"

by Tlim March 30, 2007
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Smart and quiet type of guy but known for being consistent. Wali can be sort of annoying from time to time and a little awkward. Wali’s are the type of guys that are mainly introverts. They are not ones to start up the conversation or keep it going.
Wali is funny but a little quiet

Wali is so smart
by Haha6969 July 10, 2019
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a tall buff guy who smokes a lot of doha and is a big player with the women. He smokes doha excessively, and has friends named ahmed and russell. Wali is a man.
I wish I was a Wali.
by killinginthenameofbossboy1 October 24, 2011
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Common used male Somalian name. Usually has a giant juicy booty. Baqara that twerks Better than Nicki minaj and his booty can cure cancer. He is the definition of bootylicious. Half his booty can feed all of Africa and end world hunger.
Wali's booty had me some type of way. Damn you got that wali booty girl
by Nostradamus09 September 26, 2015
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