The ever present smell that seems to ooze from certain aisles of Wal-Mart; it has an undetermined source but is constant and varies in degree of stank.

It's unable to be hidden long by cheap spray bottle cleaners that the blue-vested zombies employed by the story apply to the various areas of the store.
Myke: "Hey Dribble; I am not sure if it's the bologna that smells like a Wal-Fart; or that 350 pound lady in the moo moo 5 feet in front of us. What do you think?"

Dribble: "I think it's that redneck with the mullet and the yellow stained tank top on the next row over; buying Keystone Beer."
by TylerTurdenouski May 15, 2010
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A circa 2011 term coined by a 350 lb man who was nosebombed by the winds coming from the asshole of an unmedicated lactose intolerant man after he had drank a triple espresso with half and half with a banana, usually smelling like a sweaty ripe ass that hasn’t been washed in four days Or smells like one of the fat people at Walmart taking a shit in the bathroom or also performing a dry dock at wal mart
Guy 1 dude I was in the crapper the other day and the guy in the next stall and it smelled like wal mart farts
guy 2 we don't have that issue at target must have been some guy after comic con
guy 3 or he must have been one of those ham planets on a scooter
by rayjay91 December 7, 2022
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