I walked up to my friend and he said "wagwan famalam" and I said "not much Bro"
by AnonymousAnal September 18, 2017
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When u go 100 percent annihilation on gunols pussy (Salmans mom) leaving no leftovers behind.
Yo fam I just went Wagwan Mode on sy's mom
by sythedemon November 16, 2020
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A word said to a woman stating that they are hot and you like them
by Retarded boi October 9, 2019
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A Wagwan man is someone who takes private property for the public good. (IE Eminent Domain Seizures)
Did you hear the DOT hired a Wagwan Man, a specialist in acquiring private property through eminent domain seizures, for the construction of a new Highway serving the public good?
by Wagwan Attorneys Incorporated November 19, 2021
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Wagwan piftang is a term used to receive the shagging of the opposite Or same sex.

You can also use wagwan for short.

Speaking of short memeulous is a popular youtuber who frequently uses the term wagwan piftang
"Wagwan piftang"

"Want to shag?"
by Might boiiman May 3, 2019
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When you approach a breh / bro and say 'Wagwan' as soon as you do this you drop your lower level of clothing and invade his space with your penis.
John: Yo you alright Mohammed?

Mohammed: Wagwan! *Flops penis out and goes to hug John*

John: Get your Willy away from me you Willy Wagwan'er!

(This is an example of John being Willy Wagwan'ed).
by MyKo0L September 12, 2010
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‘bless wagwan’ is ‘bless’ and ‘wagwan’ merged. But don’t get fooled even though they are merged they form a new definition, which has lost a lot of meaning through out time. But it generally translates to one of three things:

1) Haven’t talked in time how are you doing?
2) Shut the fuck up.
3) Used instead of ‘ummmmm

It is generally used by big hairy men, wearing a man bag, lighting up a spliff.
Dealer: ‘bless wagwan, what do you want?’
Buyer: ‘three loud and a bit of white’
Dealer: ‘ight snm we copped a new shipment of loud’
Buyer: ‘bless wagwan give me it already’
Dealer: ‘sorry, don’t get loud with me ill shank you. This white ain’t high quality’
Buyer: ‘bless wagwan … leave it out den’
by Big Man Neek You Get Me January 8, 2022
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