5 definitions by tajaun brown

it means to be live, never ending,mood happy.
That Mr. Lucci, and Mr. Pookie concert, was so crunk, we didn't want none of them to leave off stage.
by tajaun brown November 15, 2003
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texas area late 80's to throw your hands, to fight
Man did you see that cat's face, yeah somebody was dropping them b's on his ass.
by tajaun brown May 6, 2004
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originated in the dallas, texas area in the early 90's meaning your birth mother
"Hey Jboy why your girl mad at you, cause I cussed out her t jones.
by tajaun brown May 6, 2004
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to be off that dead people's fluid, usually put on a blunt, or cigarette, mostly used in the dallas, texas area, already
man I'm so throwed, leaning hard, my people's gave me a blunt dipped in that wada, you off that wada haha.
by tajaun brown May 6, 2004
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