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Waad is the most amazing person you will ever meet she is absolutely perfect if you ever get the chance to be with a waad she will make you feel like nothing in this world matters don't upset her though because her heart is very sensitive its very hard for her to forgive you if you lose her once you lost her forever your secret is hers forever and her eyes can make you do things you never thought you can do.your heart will always be wripped open without her she was the reason to my happiness and the reason for my hurt
by T33t1me September 28, 2013
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Waad is the best friend you can ever have! She cares a lot about her friends and never letting them down.
She is pure hearted and sensitive, she will always be honest with you no matter what. You will always find her by your side in your hard days and will always have your back💛
by Babe122 April 17, 2019
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