Instead of using the word was. It is mostly used by Italians trying to formulate sentences in English.
Short Sentences
What you wuzza do today?
You wuzza bitch.
I no wuzza bitch, you wuzza bitch.

Used in a conversation (Italian Accents)
Paulie: Why you wuzza put the tomato sauce in the frying pan?

Pasquale: I no wuzza put the tomato sauce in the frying pan; I wuzza put the sauce in the pot.

Paulie: Ayy, forgetaboutit.
by giss32 July 26, 2011
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an endeering term often to younger children but also can be used in a patronising manor
its cold outside you say? awww wuzza,
by sgt.mctravish September 22, 2009
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Another name for a lady friend. your woman.
"what you can't come? well bring your wuzza!"
by Prometheus October 20, 2004
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