It means yes, i agree, good idea or good call. A word used generally to respond in the positive to any question asked of you.
"Would you like a straw sir?"
by chris worker April 6, 2008
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A word meaning whatever you require, although flexible in its connotations in the sense that it can also be used sporadically or in a moment of confusion.
Esha: "Can you help me find a good christmas present for Adya?"

D: "WUR"

Esha: "The craziest thing just happened to me last night...."

Adya: "WURRRRR????"
by Wit_Wur1212 November 12, 2018
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Stands for, “what up Rod” where, “Rod” refers to a small friend either in stature and/or maturity. Also has a hashtag for it which is simply #WUR
*Small friend walks up to another friend”
Friend: Yooooo, what up Rod, #WUR, you know how I’m rockin! *throws up WUR gang sign*
*Small friend walks away*
by WhatUpRodWeLive April 20, 2018
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another way of spelling 'where'
skinny girl: "i'm sooo fat"

me: "bish wurrrrr??"
by astroaroha February 10, 2017
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An acronym that stands for “What up Rod” there is also a hashtag “#WUR”
Justin: *walks up to Rod*
Rod: Hey
Justin: What up Rod?! *throws up #WUR gang sign*
by WhatUpRodWeLive March 30, 2018
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