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WTQ stands for What The Queef? it is generally used online when wtf is been used way too many times. started as an inside joke between two friends (me and someone) but will soon take over the internet. is supposed to generate laughter as well as confusion.
person 1: hey man I like to RAGLEFRAGLE THE PANCAKES OF UR MOM!
Person 2: WTF!?!?
Person 3: WTQ???
Person 1 and 2: wtQ?
Person 3: what the queef.
person 1 and 2: Oh! lol.
by Pwnzac April 03, 2007
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a word used in place of profanity when you dont know what the quad is happening.
Meredith- OMG that guy is so hot!
Caroline- WTQ. he looks like Smegal from Lord of the rings.
by Jefferey Smithe April 04, 2009
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What The Queer. Much like WTF and WTH, this expression is used to question a person's super homo comment.
Man: "I just got back from dance class"
Other Man: "wtq"
by ecrotch June 29, 2011
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WTQ (interjection) is used as a "family friendly" way of saying "WTF!!! OMG WTF is up with that??!!" and so on.

It can be used in a variety of settings and age groups, and is almost as fun as screaming WTF.

It stands for "What the quack," although too much use of this word can cause you to lose valued "street cred" from your friends.

Use this acronym responsibly ;)
WTQ? I did do that! Why do I have a 67 in science?

WTQ!!!!!??? Since when do frogs fall from the sky?

WTQ??? Why is myspace always screwing up??!! GAAAWWWWRRR!!!!
by tic_tacgirl199113 January 31, 2007
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whose the queen
whose the queen
whose the queen
whose the queen
Hey Heather?
Yes Ruby?


uhm not you.
by HeatherHoee May 11, 2008
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