Acronym for "What's in it for me?" A question that may be asked about a new idea or method where the benefits are not obvious.
"That new app looks nice, but really, WIIFM?"
by WikiWill May 3, 2007
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Acronym: Whats In It For Me
Spoken as a word: WHIFFFIM

1. When your the hardest worker in the office / team, yet others get promoted, even though the boss keeps assigning you tasks. Just shout out: WHIFFIM

2. When your at home and your wife asks you to do any sort of cleaning duties. Just shout out: WHIFFIM (hopefully you get more giggy giggy).

3. When that mate of yours (the one that continually asks you for favours) Just shout out: WHIFFIM
by Emmd February 2, 2019
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Pronounced “whiff-em” short for “what’s in it for me
- Dude, I need you to do me a favour?
- Sure but wiifm?
by RockitMan July 27, 2019
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