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"We Don't Do Caring"
A private members only coven, set up purely to troll parenting sites. Only if you can prove yourself to bitch and try to belittle others will you find yourself invited to join.
Quote from a WDDC "Shall we have a Mutiny On The Bounty"?
by Marvello May 30, 2007
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a dark, strictly members only malicious internet site where jealousy and biatchiness prevails
the members of WDDC planned another strike on innocent mums from a rival parenting site
by moino2 July 29, 2006
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"We Don't Do Contraception"

A forum dedicated to repopulating the planet, deeply concerned about the decline in the birth rate.

To provide a safe haven away from the stupid people for the perusal of the elite, shrouded in a cloak of mystery. Then share hints, tips and combined fertility to repopulate the planet and take over it.
by Mum of millions April 09, 2007
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